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PR, web design/copy,collateral

Mindful Eating Campaign

Helped frame the hotel sales consultation around food waste mitigation and aided in attendee portion control.


Mindful Meeting Campaign

Highlighted the small, eco-minded adjustments meeting planners can make to lessen waste associated with events.



Collaboration partner:  Hemline Creative, Memphis, TN 

Video &

Branding Identity 

Connect with Hilton Worldwide

Connect mantra video for a national sales conference, featuring CEO. Music was custom mixed.   


Collaboration partner:  Publicis, Dallas, TX 


TV spot:  "Breathe"

Hilton Garden Inn

Consumer TV spot tested with Parker Research to discern both qualitative and quantitative feedback.  This particular spot exceeded all company norms to date with top scores on creative appeal, likeability, impact and persuasion.
Collaboration partner:  DGWB, Santa Ana, CA
filmed in Nashville, TN 


TV spot:  "xxx"

Hampton Hotels

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